Declaration of the Consumer Revolution: Our Vision for a Better World

Consumer Revolution

Every year big companies get bigger and more powerful. And every year the consumer grows a little smaller and weaker to fight back.

Every year the rich get richer, the middle class keeps sinking, and our planet’s resources get further abused.

It’s time for this to change.

It’s time for the Consumer Revolution.

How do we win the Consumer Revolution? It is simple – just unite.

Every businessperson knows (and fears) these four words:

No Customers – No Company

For example, if everyone woke up tomorrow and decided to never shop at Walmart again – Walmart (or Carrefour or Shell Oil or any other company) is gone. Gone in one day. That is how much power the customer has.

Big business respects only power.

Everyone knows that big groups get better deals than individuals; from the group discount line at Disney World to the low priced cell phones and insurance deals that Citicorp employees get.

By joining bUnited you will be part of the largest group of consumers in the world. We are not creating tens of thousands of united customers; we are after millions and tens of millions of us uniting.

bUnited is more than just lower prices and better service

No more reckless unethical policies, no more planned obsolescence, no shameless destruction of the rainforest, no unsustainable practices. Individual consumers have neither the time nor the power to fight these fights. But bUnited has both. Our world has urgent problems and we need to cause changes now.

Be the Big Voice in the Economy

It is time for a new voice in our economy to be heard, the voice of consumers. And consumers should have the loudest voice, as we are providing all the money that companies need to operate and exist. With bUnited, we are using the power of this combined consumer money, ‘voting with our money’, to reward the companies who give us and our planet the respect we deserve and demand.

Join bUnited.

Join now and help make bUnited stronger. Join now and tell your friends to join, tell your neighbors and co-workers to join. Tell your mother to join. bUnited is for every consumer in every country in the entire world.


Together we win.