We launched the bUnited-Vodafone partnership in Germany the last days of August. Unfortunately, after less than a week, Vodafone ran into some problems and we had to pause the offer. At this point, it may be January before we can get this back live. If you did order Vodafone service through bUnited, be assured your order was processed. 

In the meantime, we have been building out our movie ticket program in Brazil. We will be giving 20% – 50% discounts on all movies at three of the largest movie chains in Brazil (starting with Cinemark).  With each movie ticket 25 square meters of the rainforest is saved.

20% to 50% discount with top cinema chains

Cinemark is scheduled to be live in November. We are also building an instant withdrawal system for member earning withdrawals. So as soon as tickets are bought, a member’s related earnings are made available for withdrawal. Since tickets are a low cost item, withdrawal amounts will grow slowly with each sale. Please note that we will be limiting withdrawals to once a month as we launch this, but with each withdrawal you get the entire balance available.


Munich – 2018

Author – Jim Jorgensen is bUnited’s chairman and co-founder with Johannes Pohle and Ozan Taner. Jim received an MBA from Stanford University, earned his CPA certificate while at KPMG, and started two companies with billion dollar valuations. Jim lives with his wife in the Silicon Valley. Read more… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Jorgensen

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