The key word in the title is NOW.

July is the hottest month in Europe in recorded history. It will get worse. And there is nothing we can do about that. BUT, we can reverse the human causes of this and alter our future.

The good news? We all know what needs to be done.

The hard part is getting ‘everyone’ to do it.

We created bUnited to be part of the forces that cause the changes we need. People, united with their purchasing power, can be an enormous source of power to force real change.

Envision this: 10%, 20% and even more of the world’s consumers united to demand changes from a company. United we can tell a company ‘Stop using palm oil from new Amazon farms. Fund Amazon rainforest saving projects. Invest in sustainable production in the Amazon basin. If you do this, we will buy more of your products. And if you don’t, we will buy your competitors’ products instead of yours.” — This is the power we have NOW. We just have to be united to use it.

It’s our choice.

Now envision one level bigger — 50% of the world’s consumers tell a country: “Start phasing out your coal burning factories and utilities. Or we will stop buying goods imported from your country.” We have this level of power and we need to start the process of using it.

Soon is good — NOW is better. The planet needs real action – NOW.

Join bUnited now: We added over 1 million new registered members in the last three months. We need to grow bigger and do it faster and we need everyone’s help.

Jim Jorgensen

Lake Tahoe California, USA – 2016

Author – Jim Jorgensen is bUnited’s chairman and co-founder with Johannes Pohle and Ozan Taner. Jim received an MBA from Stanford University, earned his CPA certificate while at KPMG, and started two companies with billion dollar valuations. Jim lives with his wife in the Silicon Valley. Read more…

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