Another popular question I get is about bUnited’s Get Paid to Unite program. Answer is – YES, you will get paid – that is why we have moved into signing up business partners.

bUnited’s system is pretty simple – you sign up, refer friends and bUnited grows, when big enough bUnited negotiates with big companies saving bUnited members lots of money on many things they already buy, companies also pay bUnited some money when members buy and bunited uses one-third of that money to pay members who referred new members, and bUnited uses the rest to pay for our social/environmental projects, and pay our costs.

So now that our membership growth is viral, we can aggressively pursue more business partners to create more member savings and pay members for their Get Paid to Unite efforts.

So the next obvious question is “When is it likely that I will get paid?” It mainly depends on two things. What country your referrals are in (and how fast we get business partners in those countries)  and how fast do members take advantage of the discounts bUnited has negotiated.

Vodafone status – In February, Vodafone agreed to partner with bUnited (even before our viral growth). They felt we could have the bUnited/Vodafone program online in 60 days. As large companies sometimes experience, it has been a lot harder for them to execute the program than they thought. Ozan talks with Vodafone 3 and 4 times a week and as of yesterday they said everything is a go and it should be 30 to 45 days for this to go live. Thanks to all of you for patience on this.

Havana, Cuba 2019

Author – Jim Jorgensen is bUnited’s chairman and co-founder with Johannes Pohle and Ozan Taner. Jim received an MBA from Stanford University, earned his CPA certificate while at KPMG, and started two companies with billion dollar valuations. Jim lives with his wife in the Silicon Valley. Read more…

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