In 2017, Adidas sold 1 Million shoes made of ocean plastic, ridding the ocean of 11 million plastic bottles. The German sportswear giant collaborated with Parley, an initiative that is aimed at protecting our oceans from plastic and raising awareness on the fragility of our planet. They 3D printed the shoes, needing eleven bottles of plastic to make each pair. Today, the Adidas Ultraboost is now available in many styles and colors for men and women.



We are living in a planet of plastic, with nearly 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating around our oceans, killing wildlife and polluting our beaches. It has reached a level of global crisis — experts estimate that if nothing is done by the year 2050, the plastic in the oceans could outweigh all the fish.


Approximately 1 million sea birds die from plastic each year.

But there is still hope. Adidas is only one of the many fashion brands that are setting the stage for sustainable products and helping out our planet. There many other emerging ethical brands that are using recycled materials to make quality products too, like Native Shoes and Urban Originals. And right now, the world’s greatest ocean cleanup is taking place, which spun-off from a kid’s high school project then turned into one of the best inventions in modern history.

When we think of pollution, what usually comes to mind are pipelines, raw sewage and power plants. But the fast-fashion industry is the second dirtiest industry after ‘Big Oil’, making the shirts on our backs have severe environmental costs attached to their price tags. 

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