With each new year comes renewed hope — for a better you, a better life, and a better planet. Most of us want to travel more, be more kind to our bodies, and be more eco-friendly; but as the first week of January rears to an end, some of us might start to doubt whether our ambitious will even last until the end of the month, let alone until the end of 2019. Last year, the UN warned us that we have little time left to limit a climate change catastrophe, so we’ve combined a totally doable list that are both good for your health, and the planet. 

Here is a list of our top 8 sustainable new year’s resolutions to save the planet:

1. Eat organic whenever you can

Let’s face it: eating food that is laced with toxic chemicals is just plain bad for your body, and the planet. Organic farmers rely on crop rotation and animal manure instead of synthetic fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides. Want to save money? Be smart about which foods you spend the extra buck on. Here’s a list of the ‘‘Clean 15’ foods that contain the least amount of pesticides, and the ones to avoid — or buy organic. Look for a label that says “USDA Certified 100% Organic”. 


2. Avoid the latest fashion trends

Did you know that a single pair of jeans uses more than 1800 gallons of water? That’ll probably the last thing on your mind when you’re neck deep in a shopping spree. But fashion is the world’s most polluting industry just after Big Oil. The cotton used by the fast-fashion industry comes from pesticide-heavy crops. Find your unique style and save money by thrifting, doing clothing exchanges with friends, and wearing real vintage items. And if wearing pre-loved clothes isn’t your thing, do some research and shop from ethical brands like Reformation and Patagonia who use eco-friendly materials and give back to our planet. 


3. Detox your home

While many are talking about juice detoxes — we’re talking about the other kind. Get rid of your chemical cleaners, and opt for brands that are free from harmful toxins and chemicals like Seventh Generation or the amazingly easy to make and lovely homemade vinegar cleaners.


4. Eat less meat — or none at all.

Plant-based diets have been gaining some serious momentum — not only for their various health benefits, but for their low carbon footprint. Eating one steak is equivalent to driving 150-250 km. Think about that while you’re biking to work. Try subbing your classic meat dishes with delicious meat alternatives, or avoid it altogether most days of the week! Your wallet and the environment will thank you.


5. Never get stuck in traffic again

Motor vehicle pollution is deadly for us, and our planet. Those microscopic particles from motor vehicle emissions? They get stuck in our bodies and put us at elevated risk of asthma and cancer. So let’s all avoid that not so nice purple smog and killer hot summers by living more sustainable lifestyle. We can’t stress this enough: walk, bike, or take public transport. 


6. Stop buying bottled water

Are you still one of those people who buys a plastic bottle filled with water? This is your year to carry around a cool new reusable bottle. Seriously, you will use the bottle for about an hour, but it will be on our planet for hundreds of years to come. Avoid the deadly pollutant, and save yourself some cash too.


7. Embrace homemade cooking  

Processed foods translate to less nutrients for you, and more damage to the planet. Try making your own food at home from — but from scratch. With a little meal-planning and batch-cooking when you have some free time, you’ll be living a healthier, greener life. On the cheap.


8. Bring your own shopping bag

Many cities and even countries have started to phase out plastics, starting with bans on plastic bags in supermarkets. They literally clog up nature and end up killing precious wildlife. Not to mention that plastic chemicals like BPA are absorbed by the human body — 93% of Americans have BPA in their body–  putting us at risk for heart disease and yes, cancer.



Oprah says it best.

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