The world’s greatest cleanup in history, The Ocean Cleanup, has officially begun. It is on perhaps one of the great missions of all: to rid the world of ocean plastics. 


System 001 has launched into the Pacific via

There are currently 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating around our oceans, killing wildlife and polluting our beaches, reaching global crisis levels. If this isn’t stopped, by the year 2050, the plastic in the oceans could outweigh all the fish.

The world’s trash collects as vast garbage patches in the oceans that can be as large as entire countries. The largest of the five patches is between Hawaii and California is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. That one is twice the size of Texas.

The Ocean Cleanup plans on cleaning up half of those 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the next 5 years by targeting each gyre — the oceans’ circular currents that accumulate the garbage. It’s important to get rid of large pieces before they break into microplastics, which are a hazard to both us and our wildlife.



“One of the world’s best inventions of 2015” according to the Times, started off as inventor Boyan Slat’s high school project to clean up the ocean. It has now officially launched from San Francisco Bay and is headed for the Pacific.


Click here to support the cleanup and find out more. With every donation, they are able to add on more systems to the gyre and scale up the cleanup.

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