If climate change is caused by the clean air in our atmosphere getting filled with CO2, then could we really reverse that chemical reaction?  An interesting solution proposed by Harvard professor claims that his company can do just that. Short of turning water into gold, Carbon Engineering, the company behind this could potentially reverse climate change.

Scientists can now reverse climate change by creating clean fuel out of thin air with a system that directly captures CO2 from the atmosphere that can be stored underground, or turned into fuel.


Direct Air Capture. Image via www. carbonengineering.com

“This process uses renewable electricity to generate hydrogen from water, and then combines it with CO₂ captured from the atmosphere to produce hydrocarbon fuels such as diesel, gasoline, and Jet-A.” – Carbon Engineering

With AIR TO FUELS™  Technology, the company says they can create enough clean fuel for 250 000 cars. This could remove CO2 from the atmosphere at industrial levels by 2021, at a cost of about $100-$250 a ton.


12 Jul 2018: Carbon Engineering raises $11M to commercialize its technology that creates clean fuel from air.

People would essentially burn the gas in their car and release it back into the atmosphere– but the point is that it wouldn’t be releasing any new CO2– just what was in the air before.

Of course, it would be cheaper to not release any gas into the atmosphere than to recapture it from the air later on. But if this technology proves to be true and is really this affordable, we could harvest fuels from the air instead of drilling the ground and even have a chance at stopping climate change without changing the whole energy system we are currently so dependent on.



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