Meet the International Solar Alliance: a non-profit treaty-based group of 121 countries to promote the use of solar energy. The trillion dollar plan is to triple the amount of solar power worldwide by the year 2030, improving the lives of millions of people.

How would they do this? By investing in the sunniest places in the world: the tropics. The project will also train people in skills related to renewable energy and create a network of resources to boost economic development.


Photo: Amit Dave/Reuters


They have already identified over 120 projects, including providing solar energy for microgrids, rooftop solar panels, and even solar pumps for farms.

One of our bUnited followers who uses solar energy herself writes:

bU-solar-quoteFrance has already pledged 1 Billion Euros, and India another $1.4 Billion towards the effort. Imagine if every developed nation joined in, the world would sure be a brighter place. Let there be light!☀


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