Whether you want to be more aware of what’s going on in the world to live a more conscious life or you’re already an eco guru, social media can be a great way to stay informed on topics you most care about.

Here are Top 5 Online Influencers to Follow on Your Newsfeed – Just click on the names below to check out their Facebook page. 


1. Nasa Climate

Nasa Climate

Still don’t believe climate change is real? NASA will set you straight with the latest scientific studies and cool pictures from space. 


2. Greenpeace USA


Greenpeace challenged 16 of the world’s largest brands to prove they weren’t buying palm oil from forest destroyers.

With loads of opportunities to sign petitions and get involved, Greenpeace’s page will keep you up to date thought-provoking photos and videos, taking you to different corners of the world.


3. Humane Society International

South Korea Dog Meat Farm Rescue

Humane Society International saves 149 more dogs destined for butcher in South Korea.

Love animals? The Humane Society regularly posts cute animal pictures and videos, and gives you the chance to take action and help save them.


4. Earth Day Network


A greener online, for a greener offline.

With over 22,000 organizations in 192 countries, Earth Day Network’s page is a global source of information for pressing environmental issues.


5. Global Citizen


“Time’s Up is going global – thanks in part to Emma Watson and her donation of over $1 million!” says this post.

Global Citizen is a movement that aims to end extreme poverty by 2030 and is committed to causing lasting change by telling compelling stories from inspiring people.


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