Huge environmental crises need radical solutions. Ongoing droughts are causing global food crises and famine, increased levels CO2 in our atmosphere is polluting the air we breathe, and global warming is causing sea levels to rise, swallowing up entire coastal cities. How we battle these problems largely depends on our use of green technologies. Luckily, there are a lot of smart people and new companies out there making a difference. 

Here are 5 Futuristic Ideas That Might Just Save the World:


1. Edible drones

Windhorse Aerospace

The future of aid-delivery is here, thanks to British company Windhorse Aerospace that is working on a drone with a 9-foot wingspan that can drop itself in the world’s most impoverished areas, delivering food supplies. They plan to use honeycomb, compressed vegetables, or even salami in its materials.


2. Wind-powered trains

dutch wind turbines

All Dutch trains since January 2017 have already been running on 100% wind power. To generate enough power, they planted 2,200 wind turbines across the country, which also was used to power another 2.4 million homes.


3. A giant, frozen vault that preserves seeds for crisis situations

Global Seed Vault

Located in the remote islands north of Norway, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a safe haven for the world’s edible plant seeds. Started by a team of researchers a decade ago, they have since been storing backup seeds in the event of a crisis. The first time seeds were withdrawn was in 2015, to help restore biodiversity near war-torn Aleppo, Syria. 



4. Floating cities

Architect Vincent Callebaut has envisioned the Lily Pad Project, where cities could sit on islands that rely solely on thermal, wind, solar and tidal energy in the event that rising sea levels drowned coastal cities.


5. Pollution-eating algae

The Cloud Collective project, started in 2014 after a co-operative of Swiss creatives, architects, and designers discovered that algae suspended above a highway began to gobble up pollution from cars passing by, thriving on the carbon dioxide released in the air. They added a series of pumps and filters to regulate the system so that the algae can turn into usable products such as biodiesel, green electricity, medication, cosmetic products, and even food.

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