There is as reason why everyone is joining America’s Silent Revolution, and we’d like to let you in on it because it’s happening right where you’re sitting, right now.

Have you ever found yourself sitting around and wishing for a better world?

waking upLet’s face it. Most of us feel ‘stuck’ with our government, societal restrictions, and a way of life that might be difficult to change due to our financial situation or career or even fear of change. When was the last time you felt like you were able to change something you truly didn’t like about our world?

Yet let us not forget how we got here. America is powerful today because we come from a long line of people who were driven by their revolutionary spirit.

Time and time again, we as Americans have proven that when we band together, we win. The United States of America is founded on this principle – uniting is in its name because a group of Colonists joined together to form a “more perfect union.”. Since then, there have been a series of revolutions, in the US from the Post-War Industrial Revolution to the Banking Revolution in the 1970s.


Fast forward to the present. Today we read all the time that the rich get richer, the middle class keeps sinking into debt, and our planet’s resources get further abused. ‘Wall Street’ drives big companies to continuously increase profits, pushing them further and further to ignore what is good or bad for the world in search of more profits.

We hope our votes go to the right party that won’t abuse their power. We buy from companies we hope are being good stewards of our environment with more recycling and cleaner manufacturing while other companies are, for example, dumping trash and other industrial waste into our oceans. We hope we can get the customer service we deserve along with fair and reasonable lower prices. Yet companies often put people and the environment much later on the agenda – after profit.

But how is “hoping” working out for us?


Well, what if we told you there is a smarter way of being a consumer in today’s society?

social media

Thanks to the power of the Internet, we as consumers have more power than ever before. By becoming united, together we have a voice and a will that cannot be ignored. That’s right – because we’re online, we do not have to fight like revolutionaries to create change; we just have to be smart about how we harness the power of the Internet to be come peaceful warriors and agents for change.

It’s certainly easier to click ‘like’ and post our opinions as comments on social media nowadays. But this is follower behavior, as we follow those who share similar opinions, and our voices get scattered online. Divided, they have no true strength. Together, we can change from ‘follower’ to ‘game changer’ if we act smart: By joining a group platform that gives us a voice.

The truth is, money talks. So we have to play the same game as companies play, only we have to play it smarter.

Big companies give other big companies and other big groups big group discounts. Why aren’t we, the people, joining together into one big group so that we get the same benefit of these big group discounts, too? Big companies listen when big special interest groups tell them what to do; because big special interest groups are big. Why aren’t we, the people, joining together to become one big special interest group with power, too?

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-9-42-18-pmNow imagine getting discounts on movie tickets, and in doing so you provide clean water for a child for a week. Or perhaps eating out at a restaurant with your friends, but having food automatically donated to hungry children for a day. Now imagine this if 10 000 people did this. Or 1 million. See where we’re going here?

Already, bUnited has launched such offers that let you get discounts on things you buy already, meanwhile doing good for the world.

bUnited is different – we’re so much more than the other sites out there that give discounts and offer coupons. Because we believe in doing good for you, and doing good for the world at the same time with every purchase you make. No need to spend money on what you don’t need. Just save on what you already spend, and save the world by doing it.

Times have changed. But let’s certainly not forget that we must fight for what we deserve. We do it on our day-to-day lives – now, our individual battles put together can create a force to reckon with.


All you have to do is join. The best part is, everybody wins.


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